Friday 13th September 2020

Start at 20h30

Doors Open at 19h

1000 chairs available to the public and a giant screen broadcasting the images live!
Seating places subject to availability
About forty vehicles will be presented by Igor Biétry.
New in 2020: competition labeled by the French Federation of Epoques Vehicles

Public access with registration required


The "concours d’elegance" Story

First seen in France in the 1920’s, it was the prerogative of Dandy’s, who rivaled refinement and distinction behind the wheel of expensive car creations. These ever more exuberant, impressive, inaccessible cars had for some of them as only reason to be the competition of Elégance in Automobiles, being at the limit of the driving on road.

These masterpieces also serve as a setting for women as proud representatives of Haute Couture. It is finally the gathering of the Luxe à la Française, so famous abroad. Over the years, the concept has evolved, incorporating popular models, and moving away from gala washrooms to more classic outfits, although equally evocative of a bygone era.

This is what we try to trace during these two hours of free show at night with no less than 35 vehicles (cars and motorcycles) and their crews. We are engulfed in the temporal rift over more than a century of production, under the comments loaded with crisp anecdotes of Igor Biétry.


2018 in video


Pre-war category

Hair in the wind

Road planes yacht club


Nationale 10

Exceptional coupes

Bentley Speed Six of 1929

Austin Healey of 1966

Gladiator of 1904

Peugeot P105 DT of 1932

Panhard cabriolet of 1964

Osi 20 MTS of 1967

JURY 2019

Caroline Bugatti (pilot and eponymous granddaughter)Trévor Leggett (sponsors and real estate agent)Benoît Deliège (poster artist)Jean-Claude Andruet (pilot)Sandrine David (House of Nouvelle Aquitaine in Paris)

Free Entry