The State Contest

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The state contest

2019 – this year we are bringing back the Concours d’Etat !

The cars will be displayed from Friday afternoon 13/09 until Sunday afternoon 15/09.

The jury will evaluate and score each of the cars in the early afternoon of Saturday14/09, just before the arrival of the International Rally.

What is the difference between an automobile Concours d’Etat and an automobile Concours D’Elegance ?

The word “état” means “state.” So the jury of a Concours d’Etat examines the current state of the car and decides whether it conforms to the technical characteristics and aesthetics at the time of manufacture.

Once judged, the cars are separated into four categories regarding their current state :

  1. Authentiques : Authentic : unchanged since the date of manufacture,
  2. D’origine : Original : in working condition, never restored
  3. Restaurées : Restored : partially or totally taken apart and reconditioned with manufacturer’s parts or conform to original,
  4. Reconstruites : Reconstructed : rebuilt using parts of one or more vehicles of the same type and model.